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Required sample size and power for SEM

MacCallum et al. (1996, 1997, 2006) and Kim (2005) propose methods to calculate the required sample size (given a desired power) or the achieved power (given a sample size) to assess the fit of structural equation models based upon different fit indices (e.g. RMSEA or AGFI). The code on this page implements these routines in R and SPSS.

Instructions: Choose the calculation of interest below, fill in the necessary information and press the download button. To run the code, copy and paste it in your R or SPSS syntax window on your computer.

Calculate required sample size


Apparently Preacher and Coffman (2006) have already published similar R routines a while ago. You can run their code online, without having to install R on your computer. Check it out.

Some of these routines are also provided in the semTools package in R.

Additionally Friendly (2000) wrote a SAS Macro to conduct these power estimations.


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